每日跟讀#587: International Women’s Day marked across the world

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每日跟讀#587: International Women’s Day marked across the world   Protests and celebrations were staged across the world to mark International Women’s Day on March 8 as issues of gender equality and gender violence were highlighted in myriad ways.   在三月八日國際婦女節當天,世界各地都發起了示威遊行與慶祝活動,以各式各樣的呈現方式凸顯出性別平等和性別暴力等議題。   In Spain, an estimated six million — reportedly including nuns — took part in a mass two-hour walkout to demand equal pay and rights for women, according to UGT, one of the country’s largest unions.   在西班牙,當天有多達六百萬名民眾──據報導,其中亦包括修女──參加了一場兩小時的大規模聯合罷工行動,呼籲社會給予女性相同的薪酬與權利。這份數據來自西班牙勞動者總工會,是該國最大的工會之一。   Thousands of women flooded the streets and squares of Madrid carrying placards saying, “Liberty, Equality, Friendship” and “The way I dress does not change the respect I deserve.”   數千名女性湧入馬德里的街道和廣場上,拿著標語牌,上面寫著:「自由、平等、友愛」,以及「我的穿著方式並不會影響我應得的尊重。」   Flags were flown at half-mast on government buildings in Portugal, where a day of mourning was observed for women killed by domestic violence.   葡萄牙的政府部門建築全部降半旗,在這一天哀悼那些遭家庭暴力事件殺害的女性。   India’s capital, New Delhi, and the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, were among cities to witness marches demanding an end to domestic violence, sexual attacks and discrimination in jobs.   印度首都新德里和印尼首都雅加達,就像許多城市一樣,在當天見證了遊行隊伍,參與者疾呼終結家庭暴力、性侵害,以及工作上的性別歧視。   There were debates, including a global conference in Rwanda on family planning. And there were public holidays, including in Uganda, where the National Young Women’s Dialogue was held in the capital, Kampala. Sessions training men and women from rural villages on child marriage were organized in Tanzania.   當天也有辯論性活動,包括一場在盧安達舉行、聚焦於家庭計畫的國際研討會。這天同時還是某些國家的國定假日,例如烏干達,其首都康培拉則舉辦了全國年輕女性對話論壇。 坦尚尼亞則籌畫多場訓練課程,向農村地區的男性女性進行童婚議題的教育。   In the UK, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, joined the singer Annie Lennox, Australia’s former prime minister Julia Gillard, and the model Adwoa Aboah in a panel discussion at King’s College London about issues affecting women, hosted by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.   在英國,薩塞克斯公爵夫人梅根王妃偕同歌手安妮‧藍妮克絲、澳洲前總理茱莉亞‧吉拉德,以及模特兒阿德沃‧阿波阿,出席一場由女王大英國協信託基金會主辦於倫敦國王學院的座談會,談論和女性切身相關的議題。   But there was implied criticism of the prime minister, Theresa May, after she took just one question from a female journalist following her Brexit speech in Grimsby, compared with five from male journalists. “Only one question from a woman reporter?” a female TV journalist shouted. May replied: “You’ve had answers from a woman prime minister.”   這天同時也出現了隱含批評的聲浪,矛頭對準英國首相梅伊。就在她於格林斯比進行脫歐演說後,梅伊只接受一名女性記者提出的一個問題,相較之下卻回答了五項來自男性記者的提問。 一名女性電視記者大喊:「只接受一名女性記者提出一個問題嗎?」梅伊則回應:「你已經從一名女性首相那邊獲得答案了。」   Source:     更多跟讀練習單元,就在     用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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