每日跟讀#602: Are You Ready for Drive-Thru Botox?

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每日跟讀#602: Are You Ready for Drive-Thru Botox?   There’s nothing secretive about getting Botox and fillers at Ject in the West Village.   在紐約西村地區Ject注射「保妥適」肉毒桿菌素和填充劑,沒什麼好遮掩的。   The 3-month-old injectable beauty bar has a glass front with its name hand-painted in 23-karat gold. Treatment spaces are separated only by curtains. There’s a photo booth, with a swirly gold, black and green mural that incorporates the company name, for customers who want to show off their freshly filled faces on social media. As the company recently Instagrammed: “Adieu, Taboo.”   這家注射美容酒吧開幕三個月,玻璃正面用23克拉黃金手繪店名。治療空間只用簾幕分隔。有個自拍站,掛著一幅金、黑、綠三色成渦旋形伸展寫出店名的壁畫,提供給想上社群媒體炫耀自己新填充臉龐的顧客。就像這家店最近在Instagram上宣傳的:「跟忌諱說掰掰。」   Indeed. 確實如此。   In 2018, injections of Botox — the No. 1 aesthetic procedure since 1999, according to according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — were up 16.3% from the year before. Fillers were up 12% in the same time frame. Both procedures require regular top-ups.   根據美國美容整形外科學會的資料,注射保妥適從1999年以來一直是最熱門的美容療程。2018年,注射保妥適的人次比前一年增加16.3%,同一時間,注射填充劑的人次增加12%。兩種療程都需定期施打。   With that popularity comes, almost inevitably, a wave of places that specialize in these injections, aiming to make them as accessible (walk-ins welcome!), acceptable and fun (in name, if not in needle) as a Drybar blow-dry.   隨著注射保妥適的高人氣而幾乎不可避免地出現的,是一波專門從事這類注射的地方,目的是讓這種注射像美國連鎖吹髮沙龍Drybar的吹髮造型服務一樣,平易近人(沒預約也歡迎!)、廣受認可和好玩(就算不在注射針上,也是在名義上)。   “Injectables don’t need to be scary, and they don’t need to be done in a secret garage,” said Gabrielle Garritano, a physician assistant and a founder of Ject. The curtains, she said, were a choice, to make the place feel more salon, less medical office — and so clients may see others getting injected.   醫師助理、Ject創辦人嘉布瑞兒.葛里塔諾說:「注射劑不須讓人害怕,注射也不須在秘密車庫裡完成。」她說,選擇簾幕是要讓人覺得這個地方比較像沙龍,不太像診間,如此一來,客戶可以看到別的客戶注射。   “You see people getting their hair blown out,” she said, as if the two are equivalent.   她說,「就像你看到別的設計師幫客人吹頭髮」,彷彿兩件事差不多。   Ject — the short name was chosen, in part, so it would look better on the forthcoming booking app — has plenty of competition. At Plump, in Chelsea, which is designed to look like a bistro, with dark wood floors, bar stools and a tea bar (serving anti-inflammatory elixirs), patrons can choose the $1,099 “Instaready Cheeks” or $240 “Goodbye Gummy Smile.”   選擇Ject這個簡短店名,部分原因是要讓它在即將上線的預約應用程式上看起來更棒。Ject競爭對手不少。紐約雀兒喜地區Plump設計得像法式餐酒館,有暗色木地板、酒吧高腳凳和提供消炎酏劑的茶吧,顧客可選擇1,099美元的「IG隨時上鏡臉蛋」,或240美元的「露齦笑掰掰」。   Alchemy 43, which has four cucumber-and-lime-scented locations in Los Angeles, opened in the Flatiron neighborhood on April 24. The company, which says it has raised more than $5 million in funding, including from the Drybar founders, provides clients with fruit-garnished sparkling water in Champagne flutes (preprocedure alcohol is not recommended), and has a granite tabletop co-working space in the lounge. (À la Drybar, Alchemy also offers memberships.)   在洛杉磯有四個洋溢小黃瓜與萊姆香氛據點的「煉金術43」,4月24日進軍紐約熨斗商業區。這家公司宣稱募到500萬美元,包括Drybar創辦人的資金,讓客人享用裝在細長香檳杯的水果裝飾氣泡水(不建議療程前飲酒),休息區還有花崗岩桌面的共同工作空間。(煉金術跟Drybar一樣設有會員制。)   And BotoxLabb (the double Bs stand for “beauty bar”), a sea-foam-green-bathed chain based in Miami from the founders of the 1990s makeup brand Joey New York, is eyeing New York after introducing sea foam green outposts in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Los Angeles.   還有BotoxLabb(兩個b是指「美容酒吧」),以海水泡泡綠為標誌色的連鎖體系,總部設在佛州邁阿密市,由1990年代美妝品牌「紐約.祖兒」創辦人創設,在亞利桑納州斯科茨代爾鎮和洛杉機成功建立海水泡泡綠灘頭堡之後,準備向紐約進發。   The company says that most of its clients are younger than 35, and many say they like the atmosphere of these places, and the focus on injectables.   這家公司說,客戶多半不到35歲,許多人說喜歡注射美容酒吧的氣氛和對美容注射的專精。   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。   

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