每日跟讀#612: Donations, pigs part of Las Vegas’ efforts to cut food waste

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每日跟讀#612: Donations, pigs part of Las Vegas’ efforts to cut food waste   At a farm outside Las Vegas, a herd of pigs feasts on lobster, sausage links and beef. In town, people at a community center sit for a dinner that may include sliders and truffle mac and cheese.   在拉斯維加斯外的一座農場,一群豬盡情享受龍蝦、香腸串與牛肉。而在城內,人們在社區中心就座,享用一頓可能包括小漢堡及松露起司通心麵在內的晚餐。   The two meals have something in common:Both came from the kitchens of Sin City’s opulent casinos, where the axiom of excess is increasingly being reconsidered and waste reduction has taken hold.   這兩餐有一個共同點:都是來自萬惡城市豪華賭場的廚房。這些賭場的過量守則愈來愈被重加考慮,而減少浪費已然確立。   The environmental and financial impacts of leftover food are more important than ever to Las Vegas’ world-famous casinos, which in recent years have developed and expanded innovative practices to cut back on what they send to the landfill by thousands of tons a year.   對拉斯維加斯全球知名的賭場而言,剩食的環境與金融衝擊比以往任何時候都重要,而近幾年這些賭場發展並擴大創意作法,以大量降低每年數千公噸送進垃圾掩埋場的剩食量。   Food scraps are turned into compost or taken to a farm to feed thousands of pigs. Expired minibar snacks are donated to community organizations. Banquet meals that were never served go to a food bank. Oyster shells are even shipped thousands of miles to Chesapeake Bay.   殘羹剩餚轉變成堆肥或運至農場去餵食數千隻豬。過期的迷你吧點心捐贈給社區組織。沒有端上桌的餐宴美食,則送到食物銀行。甚至牡蠣殼也運送至數千哩外的乞沙比克灣。   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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