每日跟讀#618: S. Korea, Finland to collaborate on 6G network

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每日跟讀#618: S. Korea, Finland to collaborate on 6G network   On June 9, Moon Jae-in and Finnish President Sauli Niinisto agreed that the two nations will cooperate to develop next-generation telecom technologies.   6月9日,(南韓總統)文在寅和芬蘭總統紹利.尼尼斯托同意,韓、芬兩國將合作發展下一代電信技術。   "Korea, which was the first country to commercialize 5G mobile services, and Finland which is spearheading 6G research are perfect partners," Moon added.   文在寅補充說,「韓國是第一個使第5代行動通訊技術商業化的國家,而芬蘭目前是(全球)第6代行動通訊技術的先驅,兩者是完美的(合作)夥伴」。   According to the MOU, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)and the University of Oulu in Finland will jointly run research and development projects for 6G. The university plans to invest $25.4 million for the world’s first R&D project for 6G over eight years from March 2018.   根據(國營)「韓國電子通信研究院」與芬蘭(公立)「奧盧大學」簽署的諒解備忘錄,該研究院及大學將共同運作6G的研究發展計畫。該大學計畫自2018年3月起,投注2540萬美元、為期8年,用於全球第一個6G研發計畫。   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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