每日跟讀#640: Briton, American injured in Pamplona bull run

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每日跟讀#640: Briton, American injured in Pamplona bull run   Half-tonne fighting bulls knocked over thrill-seekers Tuesday in a fast, adrenaline-fueled chase through the winding streets of Pamplona in northern Spain that sent an American and a Briton to hospital.   週二在西班牙北部城市潘普洛納的蜿蜒街道上,重達半噸的公牛在迅雷不及掩耳、腎上腺素飆升的「奔牛節」追逐活動中,撞倒了追尋刺激的民眾,將一名美國人和一名英國人頂進醫院。   There were no gorings but a 49-year-old British man fractured his ankle, requiring surgery, and a 42-year-old man from Chicago suffered a head injury in a fall, although he was expected to be discharged from hospital later on Tuesday, regional health officials said.   當地的衛生官員表示,傷患並沒有遭到牛角頂傷,但一名四十九歲的英國籍男子踝關節骨折,必須進行手術,另一名四十二歲、來自芝加哥的男性則在跌倒時撞傷頭部,預計週二稍晚就可以出院。   Six bulls and six steers that keep the herd together, charged through the narrow, cobbled streets of the city, clearing a path through a sea of hundreds of runners mostly dressed in white with red handkerchiefs around their necks in the third bull run of the famed San Fermin festival.   在著名的「聖費爾明節」第三場奔牛活動中,六頭公牛以及用來控制牛群不要衝散的六隻閹牛,在這座城市狹窄的鵝卵石街道上向前猛衝,從數百名穿著白色衣服、圍著紅色領巾的跑者中清出一條路。   The bulls from the Jose Escolar Gil ranch in the central province of Avila completed the 848.6m course from a holding pen to the city bullring in two minutes and 13 seconds, the fastest run so far this year. They were killed in bullfights later Tuesday.   來自西班牙中部阿維拉省Jose Escolar Gil牧場的這群公牛,只花了兩分十三秒,就跑完這段八百四十八點六公尺的路程,從圍欄抵達潘普洛納市的鬥牛場,創下今年奔牛活動到目前為止的最快記錄。這群公牛週二稍晚在鬥牛過程中遭到殺害。   Some people sought safety by crowding close to the walls of the winding route but others dared to touch the rear of the bulls or to race a few steps in front of the sharp horns.   想要保護自身安全的參與民眾,緊緊擠向蜿蜒賽道兩旁的牆壁,但也有民眾大膽伸手觸碰公牛後腿,或是在尖銳的牛角前跑個幾步。   Two Americans and a Spaniard were on Sunday gored in the first run, which is usually the most crowded of the festival. All three remain in hospital.   每年的第一場奔牛活動通常都是整個節慶最擁擠的時候,今年於週日舉行的第一場奔牛就有兩名美國人和一名西班牙人遭到牛角刺穿,目前仍在醫院接受治療。   People from around the world flock to the city of 200,000 residents to test their bravery and enjoy the festival’s mix of round-the-clock parties, religious processions and concerts.   來自世界各地的人們每年都會聚集到這個人口約二十萬的城市中,試驗自己的膽量,並且享受這場慶典──由二十四小時不間斷的派對、宗教遊行以及演唱會混合的大拼盤。   Sixteen people have been killed in the bull runs since records started in 1911. The most recent death took place in 2009 when a bull gored a 27-year-old Spaniard in the neck, heart and lungs.   自從一九一一年開始有紀錄以來,已有十六人喪生於奔牛活動中。最近一次有人死亡發生於二○○九年,一頭公牛用角刺穿一名西班牙人的頸部、心臟和肺臟。   The nine-day fiesta, which dates back to medieval times and was immortalized in Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel “The Sun Also Rises,” ends tomorrow.   這場為期九天的宗教慶典可追溯到中世紀時期,後來因為諾貝爾文學獎得主厄尼斯特‧海明威一九二六年的小說《太陽依舊升起》而不朽。今年的活動將在明天畫下句點。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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