每日跟讀#646: Taiwanese eco brand raises bar for sustainability

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每日跟讀#646: Taiwanese eco brand raises bar for sustainability   A group of millennials based in Hsinchu’s Hukou Township has established Taiwanese brand Dawoko, centered around the idea of sustainability, building upon previous-generation synthetic carbon technology to develop and produce a diverse range of environmentally-friendly, toxin-free, wood vinegar-based skin and cleaning products. Through online marketing, and aided by a Ministry of Finance innovation prize, Dawoko has been able to successfully export its products to Southeast Asian countries.   一群在新竹縣湖口鄉落腳的七年級生,以「循環永續」為初衷,共同創立「木酢達人」台灣品牌,承襲上一代的製炭技術,研發、生產一系列對環境無毒無害的多樣化保養及清潔木酢產品,透過網路行銷,獲得經濟部金網獎銀質獎等,更成功外銷到東南亞國家。   Dawoko’s founders, including Chen Wei-cheng, Hsieh Hui-ting, Liu Tai-yi and Teng Chieh-jen, met at university. Ten years ago, after investing together in an “old street” community development project in Hukou, they gradually conceived the idea of starting a business together. The group decided to place recycling and sustainability at its core and invest in research and development into previous-generation synthetic carbon technology.   木酢達人陳偉誠、謝惠婷、劉泰逸、鄧傑仁等人,原為大學學長、學弟妹。十年前共同投入湖口老街的社區營造,漸漸萌生創業的夢想,決定以循環永續為基礎,將上一代的製炭技術投入研發。   According to Chen, this “natural brand born of the forest” began when they made combustible charcoal and biochar from discarded branches from pruned fruit trees, distilling the wood vinegar from the steam given off during the charcoal-making process. This wood vinegar was then combined with plant extracts and packaged in recyclable bottles to produce a range of wood vinegar derivatives. As the products are clean and toxin free, they can be discarded after use with no damage to the environment.   陳偉誠表示,這「從森林孕育而出的天然品牌」,從回收果樹廢棄修枝、製成燃料木炭與生物炭開始,蒐集燒炭時的水煙,蒸餾成木酢液,結合植物萃取成分與可回收瓶器,研發成木酢系列產品。消費者使用後廢水無毒排放,讓乾淨的水資源回歸自然。   Not only are the formulas used environmentally friendly and make it possible to re-use discarded branches and twigs from pruning trees, the charcoal and wood vinegar produced can be applied in the production of soil fertilizers and domestic cleaning products, so that the entire production process is ecologically sound.   不僅產品配方對環境無毒無害,讓樹木修枝獲得再利用的機會;所生產的木炭、木酢,可以運用在復育農耕地力、家庭生活清潔需求,整個生產過程與環境共生循環。   The Dawoko team has developed a range of 60 products, including therapeutic skin healing products, human and pet cleansing products and a range of domestic cleaning products. Dawoko sells an average of 3,000 products each month and also combines its offerings with a home cleaning service. The company believes in giving back to society, organizing local marketing activities, sharing their business experience and teaming up with social welfare organization the Hsiangyuan Education Center to provide job opportunities for students, such as folding shopping bags.   木酢達人團隊研發出肌膚調理保養、身體清潔、寵物清潔、居家清潔等六十種品項,平均一個月銷售三千件,更結合商品和勞務,提供到府清潔服務。他們創業之餘也回饋社會,結合湖口地方活動行銷在地特色,樂於分享創生經驗,並關懷當地社福機構香園教養院,提供院生摺購物袋等工作機會。   Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知

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