每日跟讀#648: University students in Hualien provide free dementia care

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每日跟讀#648: University students in Hualien provide free dementia care   Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology in March this year established the Jui Chih Yi Academy for the Elderly, a community support center for dementia patients, located within the university’s campus. Students from the university’s Department of Nursing care for dementia sufferers as part of their practical studies, providing a standard of service and facilities normally found in upmarket care homes.   慈濟科技大學今年三月起校內設置「瑞智憶學苑」,為全台第一間設立在大專院校的失智社區服務據點,由護理系學生照護實習,服務和設備不輸高級養生村。   Director of the university’s Graduate Institute of Long-term Care, Sung Huei-chuan, says the academy has been approved by Hualien County Health Bureau as a community service center for dementia patients. Sung says the center’s opening hours are designed to dovetail with students’ class schedules, and dementia patients and their family members can use the service completely free of charge.   慈濟科技大學長期照護研究所所長宋惠娟表示,「瑞智憶學苑」是花蓮縣衛生局核定的失智社區服務據點,開放時間比照學生上課時段,失智長者和家屬完全免費。   Currently the academy is providing care for nine elderly patients, all of whom suffer from degenerative dementia. The average age is 83, with the oldest patient 93 years old and the youngest 63 years old. Each patient has their own record book, which students use everyday to record their charge’s mental state, mood, and food and medicine intake. The student carers also monitor their patients’ willingness to participate in activities, level of cooperation and social interaction, so as to give family members peace of mind.   目前共有認知功能退化的長輩九人受到照顧,平均年齡八十三歲,最年長九十二歲、最年輕六十三歲。他們有個人專屬的聯絡簿,每天記錄阿公阿嬤的精神、情緒、進食和服藥狀況,也會觀察老人家的活動參與意願、配合程度和社交情形,讓家屬放心。   Sung says there are currently an estimated 4,000 dementia patients in Hualien County, however only approximately 1,000 have been diagnosed correctly. Hualien County Health Bureau has established 27 dementia service centers throughout the county, three of which are operated by the university. In addition to Jui Chih Yi Academy for the Elderly there is the Long Life Club located in Jian Township’s Fusing Village and the Juichih Care School in Sioulin Township’s Jiamin Community.   宋惠娟說,花蓮縣目前預估有四千多人失智,僅一千多人確診。衛生局全縣設立二十七個失智社區服務據點,慈濟科技大學申請了三個,分別是校內的瑞智憶學苑、吉安鄉福興村的長壽俱樂部,及秀林鄉佳民部落的睿智照顧學堂。   At the Jui Chih Yi Academy, a cognitive stimulation course is combined with stretching and physical exercises, aromatherapy, music therapy, robot pet therapy and horticultural therapy, in addition to other non-pharmacological treatments designed to provide elderly dementia patients with a rich and fulfilling life.   學苑安排活化大腦的認知課程、伸展身體的運動課程,還設計芳香療法、音樂療法、機器寵物療法、園藝療法等非藥物性療法,豐富失智長輩的生活。   In April, Yang Hsiao-tan began to drop off her 92-year-old mother at the Jui Chih Yi Academy. Previously Yang, together with her elder sister, provided round-the-clock care for their mother. However their mother has a fairly introverted and shy personality, and they discovered that the attentive care provided by the teachers and students at the academy made her feel more secure.   家屬楊小丹表示,今年四月送九十二歲的媽媽到瑞智憶學苑,之前都是自己和姐姐二十四小時全天照顧。因為媽媽個性較內向害羞,發現慈濟科大的老師和學生照顧很用心,讓媽媽越來越有安全感。   One day, when Yang came to the academy at 5pm to pick up her mother she complained: Why have you come so early? Today her ability to look after herself on her own is much improved and she no longer needs to be accompanied throughout the day. This also means the daughters are able to take care of their own affairs, and can have a break from caring for their mother. The care provided by the academy has been a huge help, says Yang.   曾經有一天下午五時下課來接媽媽,媽媽竟抱怨「怎麼這麼早就來接?」如今媽媽自理能力比以往好,也不用全天候陪伴,自己也能外出辦事或休息,幫了很大的忙。     Source article:   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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