每日跟讀#655: About Finance - Decentralized finance and Kakao blockchain

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Decentralized Finance As a New Financial Sector 做為一個新金融領域的「去中心化金融」   Nowadays, decentralized finance (DeFi) is becoming one of the leading narratives for promising blockchain use-cases. It is not surprising as more than 85% of all cryptocurrencies market cap is already allocated to coins and tokens representing an industry of decentralized finance.   時至今日,去中心化金融(DeFi)已成為前景可觀的區塊鏈應用實例主要敘事之一。這並不讓人意外,因為超過85%的加密貨幣市值,已經分配在做為「去中心化金融」產業代表的貨幣和代幣。   The DeFi sector will see the future of financial services in a digital light, the same as traditional finance through financial technologies (FinTech). Both financial sectors aim to reinvent financial services as automated software products with programmed business logic.   去中心化金融領域將從數位角度展望金融服務,與運用金融科技(FinTech)的傳統金融服務相同。去中心化金融與金融科技都旨在將金融服務重塑為具有程式化商業邏輯的自動化軟體產品。   The trust source of DeFi is public blockchains while the trust source of traditional finance is public governance frameworks composed of laws, licensed financial institutions and financial authorities.   去中心化金融的信任來源是公開區塊鏈,傳統金融的信任來源則是法律、持牌金融機構、金融主管機關組成的公開治理框架。   The DeFi sector is a more open system with almost no entry barriers as everybody who has programming skills can build financial services on top of public blockchains. In contrast, the tradition financial sector has massive entry barriers.   去中心化金融領域是一套更開放的系統,幾乎沒有進入門檻,懂得程式設計的人都能在公開區塊鏈上建立金融服務。相對而言,傳統金融領域存在龐大的進入障礙。   Next 下一篇   Kakao launches blockchain platform for enterprise service Kakao推出企業服務區塊鏈平台   Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X on Thursday launched a public network platform for companies and developers. Dozens of regional tech giants pledged to work with it to promote blockchain-based businesses.   (南韓網路公司)Kakao的區塊鏈子公司Ground X,週四為企業和開發人員推出一個公共網路平台。為推廣以區塊鏈為基礎的交易,多家(東亞)地區的科技巨擘此前承諾與該公司合作。   Ground X said its blockchain platform Klaytn has officially begun operations by releasing its mainnet for commercial use. Klaytn is designed for easier access and faster speed compared with existing blockchain platforms, and various companies have joined its test operations since October last year.   Ground X表示,其區塊鏈平台Klaytn,已藉由公布它的商用主網,正式開始營運。相較於現有的區塊鏈平台,Klaytn旨在更容易使用且速度更快,多種不同行業的公司自去年10月以來,已加入其試營運.   Among the firms that will run Klaytn are South Korean companies such as LG, Celltrion and Netmarble. Union Bank of the Philippines and other finance and tech giants in Southeast Asia have also joined the project. Ground X chief Han Jae-sun stressed the combined market value of the participating companies amounts to 75 trillion won.   將會運作Klaytn的公司中,有「樂金」、(生技製藥公司)「賽特瑞恩」及(遊戲開發公司)「網石遊戲」等南韓公司。「菲律賓聯合銀行」和東南亞其他的金融與科技巨擘,也已參與該計畫。Ground X的代表韓在善(譯音)強調,所有參與(試營運)的公司的市值,合計達75兆韓元。   Source article: ;   更多跟讀練習單元,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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