每日跟讀#657: About Europe - Climate change and Greece's gig economy

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By 2050, London’s climate will be as warm as Barcelona’s/到2050年,倫敦氣候將像巴塞隆納那樣暖和   In 2050, London’s climate will feel more like Barcelona’s, according to a new climate change study.   一項新的氣候變遷研究指出,在2050年,倫敦氣候將感覺更像是巴塞隆納的氣候。   The study predicted the future climate conditions of 520 major cities worldwide, and paired those predictions with the conditions of cities today. By 2050, Madrid will feel more like Marrakesh, Seattle will feel like San Francisco, and New York will feel like Virginia Beach, according to the study.   這份研究預測全球520個主要城市的未來氣候狀況,並將這些預測與今日城市的狀況配對。根據這項研究,到了2050年,馬德里會感覺更像(摩洛哥)馬拉喀什,西雅圖會感覺像是舊金山,紐約會感覺像是(維吉尼亞州)維吉尼亞海灘市。   Hundreds of other major cities worldwide could be facing droughts, flooding, storms, and other climate catastrophes. European cities are expected to become 3.5 degrees Celsius warmer in the summer and 4.7 degrees Celsius warmer in the winter, the study said.   全球數以百計的其他主要城市,可能面臨乾旱、洪災、風暴及其他氣候災難。研究指出,歐洲城市可望在夏季升溫攝氏3.5度,在冬季升溫攝氏4.7度。   An estimated 77% of cities around the world will see their climate conditions drastically change, indicating "the global scale of this climate change threat and associated risks for human health," the study warned.   研究警告,估計全球77%的城市將出現劇烈的氣候條件改變,這顯示「全球規模的氣候變遷威脅,以及人類健康的相關風險」。   Next 下一篇   For Greeks, burgeoning gig economy means low wages, long hours 對希臘人來說,迅速發展的零工經濟意味著低工資、長工時   When he set up his own business washing boats and cars on the Greek island of Skyros nearly a decade ago, 42-year old Nikos Vourliotis was a young man with dreams and aspirations.   現年42歲的尼可斯.烏里歐提斯近10年前在希臘斯基羅斯島開設自己的洗船洗車店時,是個滿懷夢想和希望的年輕人。   Then the reality of Greece’s austerity regime kicked in. A stipulation by debt-laden authorities that he should pay his annual tax bill upfront killed the business. Now, he has joined the growing ranks of Greeks in a precarious "gig economy" working long hours for low wages and no job security.   然後,希臘撙節措施的現實開始產生影響。債台高築的政府規定他必須預繳年度稅金,扼殺了他的小店。現在,他身處充滿不確定的「零工經濟」,與愈來愈多希臘人一樣,長時間工作換來低工資,而且工作沒有保障.   In August, Greece will mark the first anniversary of being free from the close financial supervision of lenders whose 280-billion-euro lifeline kept the country afloat for nine years after a debt crisis brought it to its knees.   希臘擺脫貸款方嚴密金融監管將在8月屆滿1年,這筆2800億歐元的救命錢,讓希臘被債務危機擊倒後勉強撐了9年。   One in two young people in Greece are unemployed. According to a survey by MRB in late 2016, roughly half of Greeks aged 18-35 lived on financial support from relatives.   在希臘,每2個年輕人就有1個人沒有工作。根據市調機構MRB在2016年底的調查,18到35歲的希臘人有約半數靠親戚接濟度日。   Source article: ;   更多跟讀練習單元,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到所有15mins.Today最新節目通知。

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