每日英語跟讀 Ep.813: About Fast foods - 發霉漢堡與漢堡香氛蠟燭成另類行銷

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.813: About Fast foods - Burger King breaks the mold with new advertising campaign   漢堡王最新廣告竟然出現「發霉漢堡」。   Burger King is breaking the mold in its new advertising campaign.   速食連鎖店漢堡王在歐美各國電視臺播送招牌「華堡」發霉廣告,藉此告訴消費者,招牌漢堡不再使用任何人工添加物、防腐劑。   The burger chain is portraying its Whopper covered in mold in print and TV ads running in Europe and the U.S. The message: Burger King is removing artificial preservatives from its signature burger.   漢堡王廣告一直以來都以大膽風格聞名,這次廣告又更上一層!漢堡王日前在社群媒體推特上發布縮時攝影錄製34天漢堡發霉過程的影片。   The company, already known for irreverent ad campaigns, turned it up a notch, including a time-lapse of a decaying burger on Twitter.   廣告一推出即獲得廣大迴響,有人讚賞漢堡王不再使用防腐劑,也有人覺得廣告令人不舒服。   Early reaction to the campaign Wednesday was a mix of applause for the shift away from preservatives, to disgust.   漢堡王表示,在歐洲部分分店的招牌華堡不再使用防腐劑,包括法國、瑞典和西班牙 ; 美國7,346間分店中,有400間也停止使用防腐劑。另外,公司計畫今年能達到所有分店皆不再使用防腐劑。   The restaurant, based in Miami, Florida, says it has removed artificial preservatives from the Whopper in several European countries — including France, Sweden and Spain — and around 400 of its 7,346 U.S. restaurants. It plans to remove preservatives from Whoppers served in all of its restaurants this year.   未來,招牌華堡的洋蔥、萵苣、番茄、美乃滋和醃黃瓜都不含防腐劑。   The Whopper is topped with onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and pickles, all of which will contain no artificial preservatives.   此外,漢堡王表示,今年底前在美國、部分歐洲門市像是德國和英國,所有產品包括三明治、配菜和甜點都不再添加人工色素、香料和防腐劑。   By the end of this year, Burger King said all food items — including sandwiches, sides and desserts — will be free from artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives in the U.S. and select European countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom.   Next Article:   麥當勞再出新招「漢堡香氛蠟燭」| McDonald’s releases food scented candles for burger-lovers   繼漢堡王的「發霉漢堡」行銷手法後,全球最大速食餐廳近期也推出新招,為「四盎司牛肉漢堡」上市第50週年推出由100%純牛肉、番茄醬、洋蔥、起司、酸黃瓜以及麵包成六個一組的「漢堡香氛蠟燭」,才剛推出立馬銷售一空。   Following Burger King’s ingenious marketing strategy featuring a “moldy whopper,” McDonald’s has released a series of fan club merchandises for “Quarter Pounder” lovers, including a six-pack scented candles kit.   The candles come with scents including, 100% fresh beef, ketchup, onions, cheese, pickles, and bread.   Upon its release, the popular merchandises were immediately sold out.   網頁上推出的漢堡蠟燭,主打「六個一起點燃,獲得最可口的氣味」。官網上也指出蠟燭最長燃燒時間為25小時,也供美國當地免運費的服務,成為電商最暢銷的商品。   On McDonald’s website, Golden Arches Unlimited, the candles are marketed with the phrase, “Burn together for maximum deliciousness”.   The candles last for up to 25 hours and are available for free shipping within the U.S., making it one of the most sought-after items on the site.   除了蠟燭外,麥當勞的官網上也販售情侶手套、漢堡月曆、「我寧願吃四盎司牛肉漢堡」貼紙、「四盎司牛肉漢堡粉絲團」別針、上衣和內附漢堡照片的項鍊。   Aside from the candles, McDonald’s also released a couples quarter pounder mittens, a calendar, a “I’d rather be eating a Quarter Pounder” sticker, a “Quarter Pounder fan club” pin, a fan club T-shirt, and a “Quarter Pounder with love” locket that includes pictures of hamburgers.   其中項鍊和蠟燭官網上已停止販賣,而要價台幣752元的情侶手套也相當受歡迎,已無庫存。   At the time of press, popular items including the candles, lockets, as well as the NT$752 (US$25) couples’ mittens are sold out.   據外媒報導,麥當勞全球行銷資深副總裁柯林・米切爾 (Colin Mitchell)表示,在Instagram盛行的世代,許多人喜歡在自己平台上張貼及分享自己的喜好,而這些商品恰巧能讓這些用戶成為最好的品牌宣傳大使。   According to foreign media, McDonald’s senior vice president of global marketing, Colin Mitchell, claimed that in the Instagram generation, many people utilize their platforms to display their fandoms, and with these merchandises, online users can become the brand’s ambassadors.   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在     用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。

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