豬頭毋顧 顧鴨母卵( put the cart before the horse )

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台灣有句諺語,「豬頭不顧,去顧鴨母卵」,描述的是民間每逢祭天拜神,為示虔敬真誠,擺出來的貢品,最重要的是肥豬公的大豬頭,雞鴨魚肉等牲品為次,如果鴨母蛋上桌,通常是湊個吉祥的盤數,實屬末流。因此,一個人假使「豬頭不顧,去顧鴨母卵」,這就是本末倒置,不知輕重。 相似的俚語有:(頭卡大過身)(未起正身,先起護龍.) There is a proverb in Taiwan, "Don't care about the pig's head, go to the duck's eggs." It describes the tribute presented by the people whenever they want to worship God and show their piety and sincerity. The most important ones are the big pig head of the fat pig, chicken, duck and fish Animals are the next best. If the duck eggs are on the table, it is usually an auspicious number. Therefore, if a person "don't care about the pig's head, go and look at the duck's eggs", this is the upside down Put the cart before the horse. 我的贊助連結:

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