EP01 | 新冠肺炎英文新聞,亞洲知多少

Hank's English Cape
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Welcome to Hank's English Cape~ Make more western ppl know what happened in Asia during coronavirus pandemic.   Make a podcast episode talk about pandemic impact in Asia area. We shared 3 pieces of news and our personal experience or opinions about these news. We provided sponsors to donate our programs and we will read the advertisements in our podcast. 點下面連結⬇️讓我們做更多節目吧😘 | Click the link below, and make us create more contents~ 在這裡可以找到我們 | You can find us here⬇️  👉Instagram: ❤️  👉Facebook: ❤️  👉YouTube:❤️ --- Send in a voice message:

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