EP02 | luckin coffee 中國星巴克!中國瑞幸咖啡分析面面趣

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Welcome back to Hank’s English Cape and I’m your today’s host, Hank. In this episode of Hank’s English Cape Podcast. We invite John to discuss the IPO of Luckin Coffee. Luckin is hardly free of controversy. From a CMO who spent time in prison to a rapid expansion financed by an equally rapid cash burn, there are a lot of reasons for skepticism. However, their upside is still bound to draw the attention from investors who don’t want to miss out on what could very well be Starbucks’ most formidable competitor in China. 點下面連結⬇️讓我們做更多節目吧😘 | Click the link below, and make us create more contents~ 在這裡可以找到我們 | You can find us here⬇️  👉Instagram: ❤️  👉Facebook: ❤️  👉YouTube:❤️ --- Send in a voice message:

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