08 - 曰士農 yuē shì nóng | 三字經 Three Character Classic

Taiwan Accent - Chinese Classical Literature▪台灣腔 中國古典文學 ▪ 台湾腔 中国古典文学
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曰士農,曰工商,此四民,國之良。 曰仁義,禮智信,此五常,不容紊。 曰士农,曰工商,此四民,国之良。 曰仁义,礼智信,此五常,不容错。 Yuē shì nóng, yuē gōngshāng, cǐ sì mín, guózhī liáng. Yuē rényì, lǐ zhìxìn, cǐ wǔcháng, bù róngcuò. ----------------------- 知識分子、農民、工人和商人在古代被稱為「四民」;如今無論我們是什麼身分,從事什麼職業,只要我們努力,就能成為國家的棟梁。 「仁義禮智信」這五種做人準則,是我們必須嚴格遵守的;仁,是愛人利物的品德;義,是公正合宜的行為;禮,是規短禮貌的態度;智,是明辨是非的能力;信,是誠實守信的品質。簡單五個字,包含了許多做人的道理。 Benevolence is the moral quality of loving and showing compassion for people and avoiding harm or envy toward anyone. Righteousness requires the self-restraint to resist temptation and the fortitude to do one's duty. Propriety refers to the courtesy and manners which signify behavioral norms. Wisdom is the innate knowledge by which one can make a clear distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. Fidelity means that one's deeds should match one's words; it is the quality of always being honest and faithful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to leave a message, thought, suggestion, feedback to me. 如果你对内容有任何问题,想法,建议,都可以留言给我 📨 It would be a big help if you kindly support my channel with a cup of coffee 欢迎买杯咖杯赞助我的频道,你的小小支持是我的大大帮助 ☕

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