S2EP6 (Eng)驕傲月系列:不一樣又怎樣?跨性別美女 I am different and I am proud of that. ft. Trans woman Dayne Flores

Culture Shock 文化瞎客
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性別是一種選擇,我是誰由我定義。這個社會太複雜了,人們習慣用二分法將事物分類方便記憶,但它也可以很簡單,只要我們能將標籤拿掉,我們都是一樣的。 這集邀請到菲律賓友人,同時也是跨性別者(Pre-operative trans-woman)的Dayne 來跟大家聊聊她變性的人生,以及她如何鼓勵自己/他人活出自信!本集為全英文 P.S Dayne曾有一支影片破兩百萬觀看次數!就是在敘述她的變性經驗。 In this episode, we've invited Dayne Flores, a trans-woman from the Philippines, to share her stories of becoming a trans-woman. It's never easy to explain someone's sexual orientation when people are used to dichotomizing things in our society nowadays. Check it out on how Dayne break the gender barrier and live her life to the fullest. Follow her IG: super_dayne Youtube: Dayne Flores 留言跟我們說說你在想什麼-> 如果你身邊剛好有五十塊不知怎麼花->

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