#15.【英文片語】on the rocks, cut and run, weather the storm, make good headway

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on the rocks cut and run weather the storm making good headway ---------------------------------- A few years ago, the company I work for was on the rocks.The previous owner of the company was in debt and one day decided to cut and run. The entire company was panicking. A few senior executives and I decided to cut costs and work extra hard. It was difficult at first, but we managed to weather the storm, and in the end, the company recovered. We are now making good headway, and are now getting a lot of deals and will probably make a lot of money this year. ---------------------------------- 1. Are you more likely to cut and run if a.Things are going great/b.Things are going terrible 2. Your friend tells you to weather the storm. Does he want you to a.stay strong and solve your problems/ away from problems. 3. If you are making good headwayat work, does that mean are doing a good job/ are doing a bad job 4. A company is on the rocks. Is the company? a.making a lot of money/b.not making a lot of money ---------------------------------- 網站: YouTube: 粉專「英文不難」: IG「英文不難」:

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