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deliberate 作動詞 -The board deliberated for several days before reaching an agreement. -董事會討論了好幾天終於達成協議。 ---------------------------------- deliberate 作形容詞 1.徹底的思考。 -After deliberate consideration, the famous singer decided to retire. -a deliberate decision 2.不疾不徐 -The artist worked at a deliberate pace. 藝術家用不疾不徐的步調工作。 pace: 步調 ---------------------------------- 「其他詞態」 副詞:deliberately(故意地) -The little boy deliberately dropped the vegetables on the floor. 小男孩故意地把蔬菜掉到地上。 名詞:deliberation ---------------------------------- 相似字:calculated, considered, measured 反義字:casual, uncalculated ---------------------------------- 「文章」 A judge in Tucson has ordered a jury to continue deliberations in the trial against a man charged with helping illegal immigrants. The jury told the court that it couldn’t come to an agreement on the charges against 36-year-old Scott Warren, who helped two migrant men with food, shelter and medical care. Prosecutors say Warren helped the men hide from border agents and that they never really needed care. Deliberations will continue Tuesday morning. ---------------------------------- 更新時段:每星期一、三、五、六上午 網站: YouTube: 粉專「英文不難」: IG「英文不難」: ----------------------------------

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