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【好消息!】【好消息!】 9/19 會在好學校上架「托福口說訓練課程」 -------------------------------------------------- 1. modify = change Thank you for your suggestion; however, we would like to modify it a little bit. 2. complication = problem There is a slight complication = there is a problem. There is a complication with your order? What is the complication. The complication is that you won’t receive it until next month. 3. elaborate = explain Could you elaborate on this situation? 4. perplexing = confusing This is a very perplexing situation. 5. straightforward = easy This is an easy situation. I don’t know how you messed it up I think the solution is quite straightforward 6. leverage = advantage This will give us a leverage over our competitors. This will give us an advantage. *sugarcoat = 講好聽話 We will not sugarcoat the situation. ------------------------------------------------------------ 網站: YouTube: 粉專「英文不難」:

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