#35.【用法差異】簡單過去、過去完成、過去進行式 | 英文不難

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【托福口說課程連結】  粉專「英文不難」:  --------------------------------------------------  【Simple Past】  1. 做完的事情 ex: I lived in Japan. (I don't live there anymore)  2. 肯定的時間 ex: I saw Avengers last night.  3. 一系列完成的事情  ex: First, I woke up, then I walked to the bathroom, then I took off my pants, and I pooped.   關鍵字:yesterday, last night, last morning, in 1994, in July…  【Present Perfect】  1. 從過去開始現在持續用 ex: I have lived in Japan for two years.  2. 沒明講的時間  ex: I have seen Avengers End Game  關鍵字:for, since  【Past Continuous】  1. 兩個同時發生的事情  ex: I was talking to a friend when my boss slapped my face.  ex: I was reading while my brother was watching TV.  ex: Last night at 8 pm, I was calling my girlfriends. Yes, I have two.  2. 想強調那個「動作」  ex: What did you do today? I was working in the garden all day.  ------------------------------------------------------------  YouTube:  【托福口說課程連結】

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