#41. 工作常用的 12 個英文片語

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【托福口說課程連結】特價!!1890 -------------------------------------------------- 有問題,歡迎透過粉專聯絡 粉專「英文不難」: -------------------------------------------------- 【今日內容】 #1 To catch up: 趕上 ex: John waited for Lilly to catch up. ex: We are having a hard time catching up to our competitors. -------- #2 Stay on budget / go over budget ex: Our spending is way over budget. We need to cut costs. *這裡我不小心口誤。cost down 是錯誤的(台式英文),應該是 cut costs。對不起~ *spending: 單數,不可數-Our spendings are way over budget. (X) ex: I asked our boss if we could go over budget. He said “why don’t you kiss my ass” kiss my ass: 拍馬屁?(X) kiss my ass = fuck you -------- #3 Sign off on (something): 簽名核准 ex: Our boss finally signed off on the new deal. ex: Do you think our business partner will sign off on the deal? Probably not. It’s a shitty deal. -------- #4 To be ahead of the curve: 走在最前端。指公司發展快速,有遠見。做別人沒想到的事。 ex: Our company is always ahead of the curve. We are always looking for the newest ideas. -------- #5 A ballpark figure: 估計= rough estimate: 粗估 figure:兩個意思:數據,或是圖表:書本最後,Look at figure 7 ex: Can you give me a ballpark figure? ex: I’m not sure about the specific price, but I can give you a ballpark figure. -------- #6 To kick off: 開始某件事 來自美式足球的開賽,kick off ex: I’d like to kick off with a quick look at our returns. 由某件事情開始:kick off with a… ex: We are kicking off our event with a congratulation to our new partner. 你可能覺得,這兩個差別是什麼? -------- #7 White collar, blue collar ex: John is a white collar worker. ex: Bob is a blue collar worker. -------- #8 To look at the big picture: 宏觀 ex: Don’t focus on the small details. Look at the big picture. We have to be ahead of the curve. 老闆可能跟員工說: CEO: We need to move in on new technology and develop new software to compete with our rivals. Manager: How are we supposed to do that. Creating new software takes a lot of time and money. We don’t have the necessary resources. CEO: I don’t know. I’m just looking at the big picture. It’s something we must do, otherwise we’re going to go out of business. -------- #9 To play by the book: 照著規矩走 ex: I’m really frustrated with John. He does everything by the book and never knows when to improvise. I bet he never changes position during sex. play it by ear: 即興解決 ex: Our manager told us that to play it by ear if we can’t find a solution in the manual. -------- #10 To call it a day: 收工 Employee: Oh, I’m so tired. Let’s call it a day Manager: ah…. It’s 12:30. Even the Italians work more than you. -------- #11 To think outside the box: 框架外思考 ex: We must think outside the box so that we can discover new ideas and strategies for our business. ex: The boss keeps telling me to think outside the box. I don’t understand what he wants. Umm… Don’t listen to him. He’s just stupid.

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