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【托福口說課程連結】特價!!1890 -------------------------------------------------- 有問題,歡迎透過粉專聯絡 粉專「英文不難」: -------------------------------------------------- 【今日內容】 blind spot: 視線死角 --There are a lot of blind spots on trucks. blindsided (v.): 被設計,被「陰」 --ex: Jack asked if I had a crush on Jenny. I said yes, then Jack started saying bad things about me to Jenny. Turns out, Jack also likes Jenny. I was blindsided by jack. 【 12 個片語】 #1 Stuck in traffic: 卡在車陣裡 Boss: Why are you late? Me: I was stuck in traffic.  Boss: What traffic? You don’t have a car. -------- #2 Traffic congestion: 交通阻塞 Me: The traffic congestion is terrible; I don’t ever want buy a car. Friend: How are you going to go to work? Me: I’ll ride… a horse. -------- #3 Gridlock: 十字路口阻塞 —ex: Two busses cause serious traffic gridlock. -------- #4 Bumper to bumper traffic: 嚴重塞車 —ex: I think I’m going to be late because of the bumper to bumper traffic. -------- #5 Hold ups: 耽誤 --ex: There was a hold up on the freeway because a crazy person was standing in the middle of the road. -------- #6 road closure: 道路封閉 —ex: The road closure was caused by a terrible traffic accident. -------- #7 Road rage: 公路暴力 —ex: Road rage is a serious problem affecting many drivers. -------- #8 Rush hour / Peak hour: 尖峰時間 —ex: During rush hour, the traffic congestion is terrible. -------- #9 Run out of (gas /petrol): 沒油 to run out of something —ex: I ran out of gas this morning. ran out: 已經沒了 —ex: I am running out of gas. am running out: 快沒了 -------- #10 Pull over: 靠邊停 —Sir, please pull over right now. -------- #11 Pull out: 忽然衝出來  —ex: the car pulled out right in front of me and I almost hit it. -------- #12 Run over: 輾過 —ex: I am so upset because this morning I ran over a pile of poop on my way to work.

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