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【托福口說課程連結】 -------------------------------------------------- 透過粉專聯絡我「英文不難」 -------------------------------------------------- 【今日閱讀】 The deep-pocketedoil behemoth, is in legal trouble, according to environmental law experts. There's compelling evidencethe Exxon Mobil Corporation defraudedits investors, and at minimum, the company will be exposedto deep public scrutiny as the trial develops. "We’re seeing the company for the first time confrontedin open courts with the evidence of its climate deception," -------- To combat the terrible publicityassociated with fraud allegations, the company strategically purchased ads from Google for people searching for the climate trial. Exxon has specifically targeted keyword searches like "Exxon climate trial," and "Exxon climate change." -------- Though the oil giant'sscientists have understood the consequences of emittingcarbon into the atmosphere since the 1950s, Exxon began to sow doubt about climate science in the 1980s. This latest Google ad campaignis a continuation of Exxon's decades-longefforts to influence the public's perception of climate change. --------

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