#47.【英文片語】10 個從交通演變而來的片語

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【托福口說課程連結】 -------------------------------------------------- 透過粉專聯絡我「英文不難」 -------------------------------------------------- 【火車片語】 1. train of thought: 思考脈絡 ex: I lost my train of thought. Please be quiet. -------- 2. running out of steam: 沒動勁 ex: I’m running out of steam. I can’t handle this job. -------- 3. to go off the rails: 行為偏差 ex: My son is going off the rails. He doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore. -------- 4. to be back on track: 迷途知返 ex: My son is back on track. He wants to be the next Dr. Dre. -------- 5. full steam ahead: 全力衝刺 It’s full steam ahead. We have to work hard. -------------------------------------------------- 【汽車片語】 1. behind the wheel:  由某人駕駛 ex: Many drunk people still go behind the wheel. It’s very dangerous. -------- 2. to be in the driving seat: 由某人領導 ex: For this project, John is in the driving seat. -------- 3. Do a U-turn: 政策180度改變 ex: She made a U-turn and changed her policies. -------- 4. In the fast lane: 在快車道 ex: He is living life in the fast lane. Everyday is an adventure for him. -------- 5. in the slow lane: 人生不精彩,或事業停滯 ex: his career is in the slow lane. -------- 6. taking off: 事業起飛 ex: His career is taking off. --------熱門 Podcast------------- 【英語學習技巧系列】 1. #16. 正確閱讀習慣 2. #22.正確聽力練習方式 3. #27【寫作技巧】如何寫出「不爛」的文章? -------- 【片語動詞教學】 1.(#30 的下面)【托福口說系列 #1 】如何用「片語動詞」講出更自然的英文? 2. #33.【英文片語】8 個旅遊常見片語動詞和單字 --------

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