#63.【Kevin 說故事】D. B. Cooper 劫機懸案 (第二集) | 英文不難

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【線上托福口說課程】:4 小時內容,超過 50 部影片 托福口說拿分 4 原則|發音、表達一把罩 --------社群媒體------------- 兒童英文 YouTube 頻道 IG 連結 臉書粉專 --------單字------------- *Air traffic control: 機場空中管制 *In turn… 緊接著 --The pilot contacted seattle-Tacoma Airport air traffic control, which in turn informed the police. Ex: When Jack and I worked together, I would call potential clients, and Jack would in turn send them our products. *Inform 通知 -My boss informed me that John, my coworker, has been stealing office supplies. *Federal authorities 聯邦單位 *minor mechanical difficulty 機械困難 *technical difficulty 技術困難 *ransom: 贖金 --Northwest Orient's president, Donald Nyrop, authorized payment of the ransom *Hijacker 劫機者 --The hijackers took over the aircraft. *Terrain: 地形樣貌 --D. B. Cooper was very familiar with the local terrain. *Remark: to say something --At one point he remarked “looks like Tacoma down there.” *Well-spoken: someone who speaks in a polite way --Schaffner described D. B. Cooper as a calm, polite, and well-spoken person. *Cruel: 殘忍 *Nasty 噁心、惡劣 --噁心 Jack doesn't wash his hands after he poops. He's nasty. --惡劣 Jack has a really nasty personality. Nobody likes him. *Serial number: 序號 *serial killer連續殺人犯 --------熱門 Podcast------------- 【英語學習技巧系列】 1. #16. 正確閱讀習慣 2. #22.正確聽力練習方式 3. #27【寫作技巧】如何寫出「不爛」的文章? -------- 【片語動詞教學】 1.(#30 的下面)【托福口說系列 #1 】如何用「片語動詞」講出更自然的英文? 2. #33.【英文片語】8 個旅遊常見片語動詞和單字 --------

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