#38 (English Podcast) 18 year old Sharon

雪梨台灣阿姐的碎碎念 (華語) Chinese Podcast
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This was the English Podcast I recorded with 18 year old Sharon early this year ( Sharon is the only student I taught from total piano beginner from age 6 and went all the way. (She would be the only one in my piano teaching career for sure.) During our 10+ years of the professional relationship, we have never spoken a word of Chinese/Taiwanese to each other. Now an Architecture student at the University, Sharon now sounds like a closed good friend of mine. A hectic, fast pace conversation that is full of laughter, random thoughts and good rapport between a student and teacher who obviously has been hanging around together for far too long. So awesome to see kids flying high and wide. You can hear Sharon's interview in Chinese on ep 30.

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