#174 如何生活中減少anxiety, living in abundance 的三種方法

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#174 如何生活中減少anxiety, living in abundance 的三種方法 No matter how much you earn, always pay yourself in a fixed amount only and divide into 4 areas for spending Everyday expenses Investment Spurge (Any category you want. Can be an emergency account. Travel, super etc) (和他人的良好關係) 和周遭的人有良好關係絕對是the base for good quality of life 絕對不要跟人家比較 (健康) Physically and mentally 結束前還是要講一些阿姐做香蕉蛋糕的廢話啦 Apps Recommendation: Balance (for meditation) Focus keeper (蕃茄時間法) 愛料理(你想得到的吃的東西都可以從這裡找到來做) Workout for women (7M) Facebook: Susie阿紀closed Group碎碎念LIVE Instagram: 阿姐英文的” Darling what did you say” podcast

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