S2EP12 (Eng) 顛覆你三觀的工作系列:跟記者不同?國家地理雜誌數位故事員 National Geographic Digital Storyteller ft. Lillygol Sedaghat

Culture Shock 文化瞎客
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What is a digital storyteller? Is it a job? What's the responsibility for each digital storyteller in National Geographic? In this episode, you'll learn this cool but also tough job from Lilly. What she has been doing in regards to environmental protection is really important to every global citizen. Yet, it can't be done by her alone; it requires you and me to remember and take the actions that we already knew. We cannot live without plastic, but we can definitely reduce it by redefining those plastic-made products, reusing it in a different way. Check it out on what Digital Storyteller is if you'd also wanna be part of it: Follow Lilly's Instagram: Follow our instagram: 留言跟我們說說你在想什麼-> 如果你身邊剛好有五十塊不知怎麼花->

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