Ep1-The Bad Kids: "Oops, you received a mountain warning."

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Welcome to PopC'ul's first episode! If you haven't listen to our trailer, This podcast is co-hosted by Yizhou and Cathy to bring you the most authentic conversations on C-dramas. This week, we are bringing you the Chinese crime/suspense drama The Bad Kids. This web drama has gained unprecedented high compliments from Chinese netizens. This drama tells the story of three children who accidentally film their substitute math teacher pushing his elderly in-laws off a cliff, and later become involved in more murders themselves. Let Yizhou and Cathy take you to the mountain and see if they have another chance to be alive under a couple of pheromones of Chinese society. For more epsidoes, you can listen to us from Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Pocket Cast. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram, so you don't miss anything from us!

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