#88.【英文故事 2】在酒吧的兩個故事

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今天分享兩個有趣的英文故事,除了可以培養對文字的敏銳度,還可以學到片語,像是 the years have taken a toll 歲月不饒人,be a handful 是個麻煩的人。 本集節目由台新 Richart 贊助 Richart 汪廚快餐車,9/30 (三) 之前開戶+Richart Line官方帳號個人化綁定,能獲得 ”LINE POINTS 100點” 回饋資格喔!還能抽廚房神器,有飛利浦氣炸鍋、Bruno電烤盤。於帳戶申請流程中專屬代碼欄位輸入「Kevin」或是按下方連結直接預登活動吧! >> --故事 #1-- My husband was a bartender for a restaurant back when we first started dating and there was a grandmother trying to set up her adult granddaughter with him. Every time he was working she would go on about how handsome he was and how good-looking a couple he would make with her granddaughter, and then as he would leave she would turn to the granddaughter and say things like “he looks like he would have a big penis.” Eventually she directly asked him to take her granddaughter out and make her valentine’s day “special” and after he politely declined, explaining that he had a girlfriend, the grandmother replied “oh come on, forget about her! Now just how big a tip would I have to leave tonight….for my granddaughter to get that even bigger tip later” and she gestured at his pants. The granddaughter was mortified. A few awkward apologies from the granddaughter later, and the grandmother still had the audacity to write her granddaughter’s phone number on the bill with the message “if you change your mind” --故事 #2-- I was 21 back then, first job as a bartender. The place was a typical dive bar. One of the plumbers that worked nearby was a regular. He was great, good stories, good jokes, decent tipper. Anyway, she was a sloppy drunk. One night, they got into a fight. Suddenly, the husband turned to me and said, "she's always liked you, and I've had it, she's yours". He took off his wedding ring and slapped it down on the bar in front of me. ---- 想分享給不是 iPhone 的朋友? Spotify: KKBOX: Google 播客:

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