Ep 2- It Started With A Kiss: Backup Guy VS Greentea Girl

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Welcome to PopC'ul! If you haven't listened to our trailer, This podcast is co-hosted by Yizhou and Cathy to bring you the most authentic conversations on C-dramas. This week, we are bringing you a romantic comedy drama ‘It Started With A Kiss’. If you haven’t watched this drama yet, well we say to you, you’re missing a big part of your life. It may sound exaggerated but it’s partially true! Let Yizhou and Cathy tell you the facts about mystrial Chinese hot water and what is the exact meaning of Green tea girl through this drama. For more episodes, you can listen to us from Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Pocket Cast. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram, so you don't miss anything from us!

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