Introduction of product design concepts:Christmas Cardinal Ribbon , One of the charming Christmas symbols – pretty little Cardinal bird

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Christmas Cardinal Ribbon We just adore this festive Christmas ribbon series featuring charming cardinal birds standing on red berry branches with green holly leaves. Incorporated into the design is the distinctive red postbox to bring out holiday cheer. The scarlet feathers of the cardinal bird add a beautiful burst of color against the white snow. This series of Christmas Cardinal Bird & Postbox Ribbon offers 2 fabric options including faux burlap and polyester cotton. Both come in one size 2-1/2 inch only, and have merrow wired edges that would help the ribbon and bow maintain their shape. The Christmas Cardinal This little cardinal brings good luck to you. It symbolizes the power of faith in all that you do. Its brilliant red color symbolizes joy and Christmas cheer, bringing beauty and warmth to last throughout the year. Decorating Our Christmas Cardinal Bird & Postbox Ribbon makes a great addition to your Christmas tree, wreath, bow, gift package, floral display, home décor and so much more!

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