#28 Rep's Story: The power of education and sense of community enabled her to become the entrepreneur today with Ooh Cha Cha's Founder, Mai B.

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Vegan restaurant, Ooh Cha Cha's Founder, Mai. She moved to Taiwan right after graduating from college and knowing that pursuing a career in public relations in L.A was not for her. After living and teaching English in Taiwan for 2 years, a book she read called "Eating Animals" completely changed her perspective on how she sees the world. Not only she adopted a vegan lifestyle but also determined to build Ooh Cha Cha as a gateway for people to join the vegan community. Education and the sense of community is the core value of Mai's beliefs and Ooh Cha Cha. Today we'll tap into Ooh Cha Cha's founding story and share Mai's almost 7 years of experience as an entrepreneur of how to run a successful business. Nevertheless, how important it is to take good care of ourselves physically and mentally while running a business. 來自美國洛杉磯的Mai,自大學畢業後明確知道PR的職涯不是她想要的生活,於是在2008年搬來台灣開始體驗新的生活。在台灣教英文的生活過了2年後,她讀到了一本改變她如何看待世界的一本書「Eating Animals」 不僅從此開始全素者的生活方式,甚至更推動她想要在台灣成立一間提供全素食的餐廳作為一個大家能夠初步認識「全素食」的概念。教育和互相支持鼓勵的團體是Mai和Ooh Cha Cha的信念。 今天的節目除了分享Ooh Cha Cha創立與經營的故事外,Mai也會和我們分享過去將近7年的時間經營著Ooh Cha Cha她所體悟學會的大小事。還有身為一位創業家,照顧好自己的身體與心裡的健康是多麽的重要 你可以在這裏追蹤Ooh Cha Cha的IG: 了解更多關於Ooh Cha Cha 可以到 也歡迎到節目官網了解更多資訊和訂閱每週三女力手札電子報喔!

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