Ep6-‘A Little Reunion’ Let families get reunion, have a good mid autumn festival!!!!!

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Welcome to PopC'ul! If you haven't listened to our trailer, this podcast is co-hosted by Yizhou and Cathy to bring you the most authentic conversations on C-dramas. This week, we are exploring a family soap drama ‘A Little Reunion’. It is centred around three families with their children in the final year of high school in Beijing, it has a heavy focus on Gaokao - the National University Entrance Exam. In this episode Yizhou and Cathy will bring you the idea of Gaokao; The HuKou – 'Household Registration System'in China; and also Xiaoqu – Residential Units/Residential Quarters!!!! We wish you have a good mid autumn festival!!!!! For more episodes, you can listen to us from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Pocket Cast. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram, so you don't miss anything from us!

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