前歌劇魅影Paul Whiteley來逗陣:台灣的美麗生活體驗

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☕☕☕ 可以請一姐蝦妹喝奶茶哦: 🌴Paul是澳洲人,所以這集訪談含大量英文🌴 #Phantomoftheopera #歌劇魅影 #就業金卡 #Crossroads #一元翻譯 #Paulwhiteley #DavidChang 👩‍💼Paul Whiteley👩‍💼 :Experienced in wide range of areas surrounding the Entertainment, Events and Performing Arts industries. Concept creation through to execution; artist & show sourcing; introduction, marketing and brokering of Western productions to the East. Entertainment and Events Producer, Theatre Producer, Performing Arts Education Programs, East/West intermediary. Some previous history: 'Here Lies Henry' by Daniel McIvor at Camden People's Theatre, London, Sydney, Melbourne, 2014 'Through These Lines' (co-producing with No Rest For The Wicked), 7 week NSW regional tour,, 2014 'Love, it changes everything' charity concert, Taipei International Convention Centre, Taiwan 2015 'Chamber of commerce and industry France Taiwan' Gala dinner, 2015, 2016, 2017 The Near West Group English Drama Summer Camp 2016, 2017, 2018, Guangzhou, China China Oz Summer Camp, Perth & Sydney, 2018 ​ 📍Founder/ TurnAround Productions 📍Evita the musical Ensember 📍My Fair Lady the musical featuring role 'Jamie' 📍The Phantom of the Opera-Pasariono 💫蝦妹Highlight💫 00:40 💡《一姐蝦妹談產業:好逗陣》系列 01:05 💡 前Phantom現任TurnAround Production創辦人: Paul Whiteley 03:19 💡 Crossroads Association: David Chang 04:30 💡 Paul的台灣體驗:台灣如何呢? 09:30 💡 你覺得的平凡,其實是寶物:臺北捷運 13:30 💡 David Chang: 一元翻譯、Crossroads想做什麽? 16:00 💡 Paul眼中的台灣藝文產業 下一集預告:什麽是就業金卡,很難申請嗎?讓Paul來跟你分享~ 🎁Paul Whiteley🎁: 🎁Crossroads Association🎁:

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