Special Episode: Interview with Dr Pitch Pongsawat

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(Apologies! My microphone malfunctioned, so you would hear echo. 抱歉! 這集因為麥克風出狀況,所以我的聲音有時候會出現回音,受訪者聲音很清楚) In Ternion, a news channel on Southeast Asia's news and global affairs, I would like to talk about what happens in this region. - In this special episode, Today 20 October 2020, I interviewed Dr Pitch Pongsawat, one of famous Voice TV Host & Political Commentator and also professor in Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University. Gaining insights on ongoing Thailand's student-led protests, I understand clearly why young generation in this country are so livid at this government. - The key point of this Episode: student's rage at Prayut government, Criminal Court's Order to shut Voice TV down & the function of MilkTea Alliance - From Past, now to future - I'll update once week about important news in this region. Great if you'd give me some feedback on Instgram or twitter! Firstory: Google Podcasts: KKBOX: Spotify: Instgram: Twitter:

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