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Resources NPR Life Kit: “How to make a career change, from someone who has done it” Janine Esbrand's "The Career Change Maker Podcast" Episode 89 Brittany Ramsey: From Clinical Therapist to Recruiter to Entrepreneur ✍︎✍︎✍︎ Episode Summary In this episode we share some useful resources if you are considering changing career. Some resources we personally go to for career transitions: 1. Podcasts Quotes from NPR Life Kit episode "How to make a career change, from someone who has done it”: The career is not a ladder anymore, that model no longer works for most industries. Rather, it’s more like a portfolio You take your experiences with you to your next career The Career Change maker podcast by Janine Esbrand Jamie talks about career change tips, strategies and inspirational stories that can help you get unstuck and transition into work that you love. She has a “Career Clarity Academy” where she helps people find clarity in what they want to do and help them do it! Episodes 89-93 Career Change Academy break down steps to career transition by day 2. Use the people in your life as resources: when Angela was exploring Product Management, she asked brother in law and talked to MBA classmates Find people who are doing what you want to do and ask them how they got to where they are. Try this on LinkedIn and meet more people on Eventbrite 3. if you can identify an industry or specific role~ Do your research, don’t make assumptions about what the role’s day to day is like Find people who are doing what you want to do and ask them how they got to where they are 4. Whether you know what you want to pivot to or not, virtual events are all over the internet. We use Eventbrite to find local events and if there are specific roles I'm interested in, there almost always is at least one online community on Facebook or LinkedIn We are part of Women Who Code, Women In Product, and TEDX communities in the Bay Area 5. Mindset is EVERYTHING! Have an open mind, be super clear about your WHYs and what drives you even if money is not in the equation. You never know what your next opportunity is going to come up and if you have any ounce of doubt about networking, listen to our episode where we interviewed Britt Ramsey who turned a 2 week internship into a full time job! ✍︎✍︎✍︎ About Us We have more interviews on our podcast! Head over there to check out more interesting stories! Want to learn more about why we care about career transitions? Check out Why Work In Progress Connect us with someone who has an amazing career story at and Music was used with permission. Credit: Happy by MBB Creat

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