40. The First Bilingual Podcast & Female Founders Community GirlPower with Anne

Female Entrepreneur Me 女創業家與我 | with Irene Yu
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Anne is the host of show Girl Power (女力心聲) bilingually in English and Chinese. She was the first one who invited me to go on her show and share my stories of starting a business in Europe. We instantly bonded, we had really nice chats and cooperation, and since then we always keep in touch and motivate each other along the way. Anne started her podcast in 2019. Her show soon became one of the most popular shows in the business category on iTunes and Spotify in Taiwan and yes I know what you are wondering? It definitely ranks higher than FEM, but you know what as I always say, there is no competition, only cooperation.  She started her podcast when she was working in China, listening to the podcast was the way for her to learn new things. She hit rock bottom of her life and decided to start her own show.  HIGHLIGHTS: The story behind starting her show and who inspired her in the first place? Why podcast? How to REALLY GET TO KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE to design your podcast content? Future Business Plan <反客為主> Anne asked me a question back: What’s your girl power as a leader?  Being able to motivate others  想要領取我們的免費課程?Clarify Your Idea 釐清你的點子: About Female Entrepreneur Me  Website: Instagram: Facebook Page: Podcast Sponsorship: Youtube: 1:1 Coaching:

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