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EPISODE 10: AT A RESTAURANT * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. special (n) 特餐 ex. specialty (n) 2. tuna (n) 鮪魚 ex. Shrimp 3. grill (v) (烤肉架)烤 grilled (a) (烤肉架)烤的 ex. grilled steak 4. roast (v)(a) (烤箱)烤肉(的) ex. roast beef 5. bill (n) 餐廳帳單= check 6. tip (n) 小費 tip (v) 給小費 7. serve (v) 服務, 供餐 server (n) 餐廳服務生= waiter, waitress 8. overcooked (a) 煮過頭, 肉太老= tough undercooked (a) 9. review (n) 評價, 評分= rating * KEY SENTENCES: 1. The server: May I take your order? 請問您要點餐了嗎? The customer: What’s the special today? 今日特餐是什麼? The server: Grilled steak. And the chef’s specialty is roast beef. 炙烤牛排. 而主廚招牌菜是烤牛肉 The customer: They both sound very heavy. I think I’ll just have a tuna sandwich with a soup. 聽起來都太多了. 我想我點一份鮪魚三明治加湯就好 The server: Certainly. Your order will be coming right up! 沒問題. 您的餐點馬上來! 2. Woman: Hey, do you want to try that new restaurant just around the corner? 你想去試試轉角那間新餐廳嗎? Man: I went with a client last week. It was awful. 我上個禮拜跟一個客戶去過了. 非常糟糕. Woman: How come? 為什麼? Man: The server was impolite; the service was slow, to top it off, everything we ordered was either overcooked or undercooked. 服務生態度很差, 服務又慢, 更誇張的是, 我們點的東西要不沒煮熟, 要不然就是煮過頭. Woman: Gee! Good thing I asked you first. 天啊! 好險我先問了你. Man: For sure. When we ask for the check, we decided not to give a big tip. 真的. 我們要帳單的時候, 就決定不會給很多小費了 Woman: You should post your review online, this way, everyone’ll know. 你應該在網路上發布你對餐廳的評價, 這樣一來, 大家都會知道. Man: Huh, I can’t be bothered. 哎呀, 我怕麻煩. 贊助連結:

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