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EPISODE 11: BREAK DOWN * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. break down 故障 = be broken, be out of order, does not work, fail 2. failure (n) 故障= malfunction 3. copy machine 影印機= photocopier, 4. maintain (v) 維護, 保養 maintenance (n) 維護, 保養 ex. routine maintenance repairman (n) 維修人員 ex. mechanic, technician * KEY SENTENCES: 1. A: Why didn’t you give me a copy of the report? 你怎麼沒有給我那份報告? B: The photocopier’s out of order again. 影印機又壞掉了. 2. A: Do you know why the elevator isn’t working? 你知道電梯為何不能用嗎? B: Because it’s undergoing routine maintenance. 因為正在進行例行保養 3. A: When is the repairman coming for the fax machine? 修傳真機的工人何時會到? B: I believe he’s scheduled to arrive this afternoon. 他預計是下午到 4. A: Who should I go to for computer malfunction? 電腦故障我要找誰? B: The IT or Human Resource Department. 資訊部或人事部.

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