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EPISODE 13: INSURANCE * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. insure (v) 投保 insured (a) 有投保的 insurance (n) 保險 ex. health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance 2. cover (v) 理賠 (包含) coverage (n) 保險範圍/內容 ex. full insurance coverage 3. policy (n) (規則, 規定) 保單 4. premium (n) 保險費(率) claim (v)(n) (聲稱, 提出) 索賠, 求償, 提出理賠要求 * KEY SENTENCES: 1. Our company offers employees a comprehensive insurance package, from health insurance, life insurance, to dental insurance. 我們公司提供給員工一套全面的保險制度, 從健康保險, 壽險, 到牙險都有. 2. I’m sorry, sir. I’m afraid your car insurance does not cover damage to the third party. 先生, 很抱歉,您的車險針對第三方的損害是不理賠的 3. Please send this package by express delivery and insure it for 200 dollars. 請用快遞寄這個包裹, 並投保200元美金. 4. I’d like to rent a car with full insurance coverage and a full tank of gas, please. 我想要租一台車, 保全險, 油箱加滿, 謝謝. 5. Have you reviewed your insurance policy recently? Is your insurance premium going up every year? Does your insurance cover accidents outside of town? Have you ever had a hard time making an insurance claim? We at Senior Insurance can meet all your needs! Low rates and friendly services! Pick up the phone and make an appointment with one of our agents now! 你最近審視過你的保單嗎? 你的保險費率是否每年都在漲? 在外地發生意外你的保險會理賠嗎? 你是否曾經申請理賠使遭遇很多困難呢? Senior Insurance 可以符合您全部的需求! 低利率加上友善的服務! 現在就拿起電話看我們的專員預約吧!

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