WIPp 033 Serena Johnson: From Opera Singer & Non-Profit Fundraiser to Career Coach

Work In Progress Podcast
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Resources Blog post Find Serena here: Website, Instagram, Facebook Group Serena's Career Change Serena's career journey went from opera singing, non-profit fundraising to career coaching. Her goal is to help people solve the problem of "I need to leave my job, but I have no idea what to do next!" What is something that surprised you about your career change? That even in the weirdest career pivots..there is always a through-line of your strengths. ✍︎✍︎✍︎ About Us We have more interviews on our podcast! Head over there to check out more interesting stories! Want to learn more about why we care about career transitions? Check out Why Work In Progress Connect us with someone who has an amazing career story at and Music was used with permission. Credit: Happy by MBB

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