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EPISODE 15: DEPARTURE * KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: 1. check-in counter 辦理登機櫃台 ex. check-in luggage carry-on luggage 2. depart (v) 出境, 離開, 起飛, 離站= take off departure (n) 出境, 起飛, 離站=takeoff 3. security check 安檢 4. customs 海關= immigration 出入境= passport control 護照檢查處 ex. customs officer , customs inspection board (v) 登上交通工具(飛機/船/火車) ex. boarding pass, boarding gate, be on board = be aboard * KEY SENTENCES: 1. Every passenger is allowed only one piece of carry-on luggage on board. 每位乘客只能帶一件手提行李上機. 2. Please make sure all your electronic devices are turned off during takeoff and landing. 在起飛跟降落期間, 請務必關閉您所有的電子裝置. 3. For international departure during summer time, please arrive at the airport no less than three hours before the scheduled departure time. There’ll be long lines at the check-in counters, and going through security and customs also take time. 暑假期間若要出國, 請在預定起飛時間至少三小時前抵達機場. 辦理登機櫃台會大排長龍, 而且過安檢和海關也需要時間. 4. This is an announcement for passengers departing on Flight 101 to Chicago. There’s been a change with your boarding gate. Instead of the originally scheduled Gate 11, the new boarding gate is now Gate 33. Please proceed to Gate 33 with your boarding pass now. Thank you. 要搭乘101號班機前往芝加哥的旅客請注意. 登機門有所變動. 從原定的11號登機門改為33號登機門. 請盡速帶著您的登機證前往新的登機門.謝謝 贊助連結:

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