文法跟讀 In-Tense Ep.053: Adjectives 形容詞

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Welcome to the home of English Shadowing. I'm your host Gavin, and this is InTense Episode 53. Well guys we finished with pronouns. Now nouns and their undercover noun partners, pronouns are things, and so we use them to talk about everything in every sentence you have to have basically a noun. Now it would be awesome if it was as simple as that, but of course now we have to talk about the words that describe these nouns and pronouns and those are called adjectives. So, these are words that compliment a noun or a pronoun, so when we talk about the man, but we can say more about him “The man is strong.” That strong describes the man, the dog “The filthy dog.” filthy describes what the dog looks like, or “Thebeautiful dog.” Now of course if we change the dog to it you could say, “It is beautiful.”, same as “The dog is beautiful.” So, pronouns and nouns, when they get described by other words those are called adjectives and they do certain jobs, they tell us the following things like: Drill Sentences: Is Jane a beautiful woman? Yes, Jane is a beautiful woman. Is Jane a beautiful woman? No, Jane is not a beautiful woman.   Is John a handsome man? Yes, John is a handsome man. Is John a handsome man? No, John is not a handsome man.   Is the car expensive? Yes, it is expensive. Is the car expensive? No, it is not expensive.   Is the kitten cute? Yes, the kitten is cute. Is the kitten cute? No, the kitten is not cute.   Is Angela efficient? Yes, she is efficient. Is Angela efficient? No, she is not efficient.   Is Peter rich? Yes, he is rich. Is Peter rich? No, he is not rich.   Did Andrew and Robert buy six books? Yes, they bought six books. Did Andrew and Robert buy six books? No, they did not buy six books.   Do you eat much sugar? Yes, I eat much sugar. Do you eat much sugar? No, I do not eat much sugar.   Will Ethan buy a gold ring? Yes, he will buy a gold ring. Will Ethan buy a gold ring? No, he will not buy a gold ring.   Did, Lucy eat those chocolates? Yes, she ate those chocolates. Did Lucy eat those chocolates? No, she did not eat those chocolates.   Well, there you go guys, a quick introduction into adjectives, and our first kind which are common adjectives. Now, if you paid attention or noticed in the first few questions I made a small error, when I did the answers, I did not change the nouns to pronouns, I did not change the names of the people to he, she, it. But I caught myself after a couple of questions and I corrected that, so I hope that helps out. Again, I would stress, as long as you know it is an adjective you're dealing with, you don't really need to stress about what kind of adjective, just as long as you can recognize them. Great, I hope this is helpful and I'll catch you in the next episode, bye, bye! 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。  

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