每日英語跟讀 Ep.899: 國際線上教學平台MOOC因疫情重生

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.899: Remember the MOOCs? After Near-Death, They’re Booming Sandeep Gupta, a technology manager in California, sees the economic storm caused by the coronavirus as a time “to try to future-proof your working life.” So he is taking an online course in artificial intelligence. 美國加州科技業經理古普塔認為,新冠肺炎引發的經濟風暴是「防止職業生涯被未來淘汰」的時機,所以修讀了一門關於人工智慧的線上課程。 Dr. Robert Davidson, an emergency-room physician in Michigan, says the pandemic has cast “a glaring light on the shortcomings of our public health infrastructure.” So he is pursuing an online master’s degree in public health. 密西根州急診室醫師戴維森說,疫情「使我們公衛基礎設施的弱點顯而易見」,所以他在修讀線上公衛碩士學位。 Children and college students aren’t the only ones turning to online education during the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of adults have signed up for online classes in the past two months, too — a jolt that could signal a renaissance for big online learning networks that had struggled for years. 在新冠肺炎大流行期間轉而接受線上教育者,不限於兒童和大學生。過去兩個月,數以百萬計的成人也註冊參加線上課程,這令人驚訝的事實可能意味苦撐多年的大型線上學習網路即將再起。 Coursera, in which Gupta and Davidson enrolled, added 10 million new users from mid-March to mid-May, seven times the pace of new sign-ups in the previous year. Enrollments at edX and Udacity, two smaller education sites, have jumped by similar multiples. 古普塔與戴維森註冊的Coursera,從3月中旬到5月中旬增加1000萬新用戶,是去年同期新增註冊人數的七倍。edX與Udacity這兩個規模較小的教育網站,新註冊人數也以類似倍數暴增。 “Crises lead to accelerations, and this is best chance ever for online learning,” said Sebastian Thrun, a co-founder and chairman of Udacity. Udacity共同創辦人兼董事長史朗說:「危機導致改變加速發生,這是線上學習業未曾遇過的最佳良機。」 Coursera, Udacity and edX sprang up nearly a decade ago as high-profile university experiments known as MOOCs, for massive open online courses. They were portrayed as tech-fueled insurgents destined to disrupt the antiquated ways of traditional higher education. But few people completed courses, grappling with the same challenges now facing students forced into distance learning because of the pandemic. Screen fatigue sets in, and attention strays. Coursera、Udacity和edX近十年前出現,嘗試與大學合作推出線上課程而備受矚目,這類課程名為「大規模開放線上課程」,簡稱「磨課師」。這種課程被描述為獲得科技支持的反叛者,意在顛覆傳統高等教育過時的授課方式。不過,很少有人能修完課程,這些人窮於應付的挑戰,與目前因為疫情被迫遠距學習的學生一樣。長時間盯著螢幕造成疲勞,而且注意力難以集中。 But the online ventures adapted through trial and error, gathering lessons that could provide a road map for school districts and universities pushed online. The instructional ingredients of success, the sites found, include short videos of six minutes or less, interspersed with interactive drills and tests; online forums where students share problems and suggestions; and online mentoring and tutoring. 不過這些線上企業透過反覆試驗來調整,並且積聚了可供被迫線上授課的學區和大學參考的知識和經驗。這些網站發現,線上授課成功的要素包括:短片時間不超過6分鐘,穿插互動練習和測驗;設立線上論壇,讓學生提出問題和建議;並提供線上指導和輔導。 A few top-tier universities, such as the University of Michigan and the Georgia Institute of Technology, offer some full degree programs through the online platforms. 有幾所頂尖大學,如密西根大學和喬治亞理工學院,透過這些線上平台提供一些正式學位學程。 While those academic programs are available, the online schools have tilted toward skills-focused courses that match student demand and hiring trends. 這些線上學校雖提供學術性學程,卻更傾向開設符合學生需要和雇用趨勢的技能課程。 The COVID-19 effect on online learning could broaden the range of popular subjects, education experts say. But so far, training for the tech economy is where the digital-learning money lies. With more of work and everyday life moving online — some of it permanently — that will probably not change. 教育專家指出,新冠肺炎可能會使線上課程熱門科目範圍變得更廣。不過到目前為止,針對科技經濟提供的訓練課程,才是數位教學業的金雞母。隨著更多的工作和日常生活轉移到線上進行,有些是永遠轉到線上,這種情況大概不會改變。 Source articles: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。

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