每日英語跟讀 Ep.900: About India - 孟買測試可獎勵有耐心駕駛的交通號誌與間諜鴿子

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  「John老師推薦這門課給需要英語簡報即戰力的通勤家族。要在職場抓住機會,簡報會是你最好的武器!要簡報的夠到位,必須掌握黃老師課程內的簡報慣用句!」 【職場英文即戰力- 從聽懂關鍵字到完勝簡報】- 台科大副教授黃玟君老師 課程購買連結: - 7/25 限時優惠,通勤家族$300元折扣碼:15mins 課程特色:帶你訓練英語耳 掌握英文發音及讀音原則,學會判斷英文關鍵字的出現時機!完整英文簡報架構+超過500句道地簡報慣用語,靈活替換,隨時開口不緊張!集結 20 年完整教學經驗!針對亞洲學生設計的有效學習方式! ------------ 每日英語跟讀 Ep.900: About India - ’Honk more, wait more’: Mumbai tests traffic lights that reward the patient driver There is a truth universally acknowledged by drivers in India: honk your horn loud enough and the traffic lights will surely change to green. 印度駕駛人都曉得一個道理:只要喇叭按得夠響,交通號誌絕對會變綠燈。 But, fed up with impatient drivers inflicting a deafening roar every time they are forced to stop, police in Mumbai have come up with a new system to punish those who cannot wait at traffic lights in silence. 然而,孟買警方受夠駕駛人每次被迫停車,就會出現震耳欲聾的喇叭聲,因而設計出一套新系統,來懲罰不能安靜等待號誌轉換的駕駛人。 The new system was quite simple: "Honk more, wait more." 新系統相當簡單易懂:「你愈叭,等愈久。」 Mumbai police installed a rigged traffic light system to tackle the problem of "reckless honkers", which resets the red traffic signal every time the sound of car horns goes above 85 decibels. For particularly honk-happy drivers, it could mean a very long wait at the lights. 孟買警方安裝一套經過改造的交通號誌系統,來處理「莽撞喇叭狂」問題;只要偵測到85分貝以上的汽車喇叭聲,紅燈就會從頭開始。對於不按不爽的駕駛人,可能得在交通號誌下等到天荒地老。 Mumbai was ranked as the fourth most congested city in the world, according to the TomTom traffic index, with 65% congestion and drivers spending an average of eight days and 17 hours in traffic each year. TomTom交通指數報告顯示,孟買被列為全球最壅塞城市第4名,壅塞比率達65%,駕駛人平均每年花費8天17小時塞在路上。 Next Article India returns alleged bird spy to Pakistan/印度把被指控的鳥間諜交還巴基斯坦 Indian police have released a pigeon belonging to a Pakistani fisherman after a probe found that the bird, which had flown across the contentious border between the nuclear-armed nations, was not a spy, two officials said on Friday. 兩名官員週五說,印度警方把一隻屬於巴基斯坦一名漁夫的鴿子放了,在調查發現這隻飛越兩個核武國爭議邊境的鳥並非間諜以後。 The Pakistani owner of the pigeon had urged India to return his bird, which Indian villagers turned over to police after discovering it. 這隻鴿子的巴基斯坦主人催促印度歸還他的鳥,印度村民先前發現了牠以後交給了警方。 “It’s just an innocent bird,” Habibullah, the owner of the bird, who goes by just one name, told Reuters on Friday. 單名的鴿主哈比布拉週五告訴路透,「牠只是一隻無辜的鳥。」 He rejected allegations that the numbers inscribed on a ring on the pigeon’s leg were codes meant for militant groups operating in the disputed region of Kashmir. 對於鴿子腳環上所刻數字乃是在爭議的喀什米爾地區行動的好戰團體代號的指控,他予以駁斥。 Habibullah, who lives in a village near the Kashmir border, one of the most militarised zones in the world, said the bird had participated in a pigeon racing contest and the digits on the bird’s leg were his mobile phone number. 住在全球最軍事化地區之一的喀什米爾邊境附近一處村莊的哈比布拉說,這隻鳥參加了一場賽鴿大賽,牠腳上的數字是他的行動電話號碼。 In 2016, a pigeon was taken into Indian custody after it was found with a note threatening Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 2016年曾有一隻鴿子被印度扣押,在發現牠有一張威脅印度總理納倫德拉.莫迪的便條以後。 Source article: ;   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。    

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