每日英語跟讀 Ep.901: About SKorea -南韓為青蔥口味的穀物早餐奮戰16年與2021補選

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【職場英文即戰力- 從聽懂關鍵字到完勝簡報】- 台科大副教授黃玟君老師 課程購買連結: - 7/25 限時優惠,通勤家族$300元折扣碼:15mins 課程特色:帶你訓練英語耳 掌握英文發音及讀音原則,學會判斷英文關鍵字的出現時機!完整英文簡報架構+超過500句道地簡報慣用語,靈活替換,隨時開口不緊張!集結 20 年完整教學經驗!針對亞洲學生設計的有效學習方式! ------------ 每日英語跟讀 Ep.901: About SKorea -A taste of democracy: South Korea’s 16-year fight for a green onion breakfast cereal It is being hailed as a major win for democracy in South Korea. 它被譽為南韓民主的重大勝利。 The limited edition of the Chex cereal sold out within two days when it hit online stores, following years of almost ceaseless campaigning by enthusiasts. 在愛好者幾乎多年不停奮戰後,限量版「格格脆」穀片於網路商店上市時,2天內售罄。 The long road to the cereal aisle began in 2004 when Kellogg’s Korea launched a light-hearted marketing campaign for Chex, a five-grain cereal, asking South Koreans to vote on a new flavour. 這條前往穀片貨架通道的漫漫長路始於2004年,當時南韓家樂氏為5種穀類的「格格脆」穀片展開一場輕鬆的行銷活動,請南韓人投票選新口味。 The PR stunt was meant to end in an easy victory for sweet Cheki. But the people did not agree. 這個宣傳噱頭本來打算讓甜的「雀奇」輕取,但民眾並不同意。 Votes for Chaka surged past those for Cheki, catching Kellogg’s unawares. Citing multiple votes by individuals, the company halted online voting, threw out duplicate votes and declared Cheki the winner. 投給「雀卡」的票大幅超越「雀奇」,讓家樂氏措手不及。這家公司當時指有人重複投票,停止網路投票、排除重複選票,然後宣告「雀奇」是贏家。 Chaka fans cried foul, and decried Cheki’s subsequent 16-year rule as that of an illegitimate tyrant. 「雀卡」的粉絲抱怨連連,譴責「雀奇」後續16年的統治是非法暴君。 Chaka’s success was so momentous that on the day it was announced earlier this month it surged past North Korea’s bombing of an inter-Korean liaison office to become the top trending topic on South Korean social media. 「雀卡」的成功如此重大,以至於本月稍早宣布的那一天,消息還蓋過北韓炸毀南北共同聯絡事務所一事,成為南韓社群媒體的熱門話題第一名。 Next Article Park’s death expected to heat up 2021 by-elections 朴元淳去世料將使2021年補選升溫 The National Election Commission will run by-elections on April 7, 2021 to replace lawmakers and local governors if their seats have remained empty from March 17 this year to March 8, 2021. 南韓中央選舉管理委員會將於2021年4月7日舉行多項補選,如果國會議員和地方首長的職位自今年3月17日至2021年3月8日一直出缺,將會進行補選。 Under the Election Law, elected officials are removed from their position if they receive a sentence of a higher than 1 million won fine for violation of the laws on election and political funding, or one year imprisonment. 根據南韓「選舉法」,若民選官員因違反選舉與政治獻金相關法律,被處以高於100萬韓元的罰款,或1年有期徒刑,就會被免職。 "The 2021 by-elections certainly can be comparable to regular local elections, as new Seoul and Busan mayors will be elected," said Shin Yul, a political science professor at Myongji University. 南韓明知大學政治學教授申律說,「2021年的補選,當然能拿來和定期的地方選舉相提並論,因為將選出新任的首爾及釜山市長」。 Source article: ;   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在   用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。

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