每日英語跟讀 Ep.955: About Singapore- 警員「這招」解決全場笑翻與傻眼健身控

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.955: About Singapore- Video of Singapore officer snapping back angry man’s mask goes viral   近期,一個新加坡警員在緩解兩名男子的爭執影片意外在社群媒體上爆紅,原因全歸於警員當下突然伸出手「矯正」了男子的口罩戴法。 A video of a Singaporean officer’s intervention between two men has gone viral after the short clip showed the officer reaching out to adjust one of the man’s face masks mid-argument. 此事件發生於週日小印度區的竹腳中心(Tekka Centre),警方也立刻被叫到現場解決紛爭。 The public altercation, which took place at Tekka Centre on Sunday, involved several officers who immediately appeared to break up the fight. 影片中,其中一名男子被兩位警員拉到一旁,便氣憤地手舞足道解釋經過;然而,爭辯全程,男子的口罩卻只遮住自己的下巴,毫無防疫作用。 In a clip posted to Facebook, one of the men was taken aside by an officer while heatedly explaining the situation — all the while, with his mask under his chin. 情緒激昂的男子講到一半時,其中一名警員突然伸出手將男子的口罩拉長彈回他的臉上,讓男子當場愣住。 Suddenly, one of the officers reached out and flicked the mask onto the man’s face mid-tirade, startling him into a brief silence. 事件爆發後,網友紛紛到影片下方留言大讚員警的勇敢舉動,稱讚其在解決紛爭中不忘防疫的重要性。 The incident greatly amused social media users who took to the comment section to praise the officer for his bravery and no-nonsense attitude. 根據當地媒體報導,此事件已被解決。 According to Singapore media, the altercation was quickly resolved and no further assistance was required.   Next Article:   星國健身控竟在「這」運動 網友傻眼:活得不耐煩? | Singapore fitness group raises questions for hogging parking spaces to exercise 近日,網上瘋傳新加坡熱愛健身的團體於福康寧公園(Fort Canning Park)停車場內運動的影片,畫面曝光後立即遭網友譴責。 A Singaporean fitness group was condemned online after a video showing them working out in the middle of a parking lot at Fort Canning Park went viral. 一位駕駛員於週三轉進停車場時看到此驚人畫面,將行車紀錄器畫面分享到臉書團體SG Road Vigilante。 The workout session was captured on a dashcam of a startled driver and shared on the Facebook group, SG Road Vigilante on Wednesday. 影片中可見大家分散在停車場各處,一人佔用一個停車格運動,甚至有人躺平在地上採空中腳踏車。 According to the video, the group members were spread out with each person occupying a parking space to do a variety of exercises, including bicycle crunches. 不僅如此,還有一位「教練」在現場督促大家運動和檢視其姿勢是否正確。 A “coach” was also present, supervising the fitness enthusiasts. 影片曝光後許多網友也紛紛留言表示困惑,並補充隔壁就是公園,為何大家不直接在公園內運動?同時,也有人大大讚賞運動團和新加坡人的創意。 Social media users voiced their confusion and undeniable admirability for the group’s inventiveness, with one commenting: “And I thought I have seen it all. Never disappointed with Singaporean creativity”. 然而,當地新加坡媒體報導,根據星國的《停車場法令》(Parking Places Act),沒有正當理由者不宜在停車場內逗留。 However, local Singapore media reported that according to the Parking Places Act, no person, who’s not there with legitimate business should loiter in a parking place. 截至發稿時間,尚不清楚該團體是否因阻礙交通而遭罰。 At the time of press, it’s unclear if the group was fined for the obstruction of parking places. Source article: ;   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。

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