每日英語跟讀 Ep.968: About Belgium - 比利時噴泉裡發現前市長的心臟與高空晚餐

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.968: About Belgium - Belgian city finds its former mayor’s heart in a fountain     For years it was just an urban myth. Then the diggers moved in and found it was true - that the heart of a former mayor of the eastern Belgian city of Verviers really was buried under a fountain. 多年以來,這不過是個都市神話。然後,挖土機進駐,發現是真的—比利時東部韋爾維耶市前市長的心臟,真的埋在一座噴泉下。 A small metal box, containing Pierre David’s heart in an ethanol-filled jar, was uncovered during renovation work on the city’s ornate stone fountain last month. 上月在該市裝飾華麗的石頭噴泉翻修工程中,發現了一個小金屬盒,內含一只充滿乙醇、放有皮埃爾.大衛心臟的廣口瓶。 The relic is mentioned in civic documents, but until it was found "no one really believed it," Verviers city councillor Maxime Degey told Reuters. 韋爾維耶市議員馬克西姆.德杰告訴路透,民間文件曾提及此遺物,但直到它被發現前,「沒人真的相信」。 David, the city’s first mayor after Belgium became an independent country, was still in office when he died in 1839 after falling from a building. 大衛是比利時成為獨立國家後的該市首任市長,1839年在位時墜樓身亡。 Authorities built a fountain in his honour and, with his family’s permission, placed his heart under a stone in the monument in 1883. 為了向他致意,當局建了個噴泉,並在其家屬允許下,1883年把他的心臟放在這座紀念建物一塊石頭下。 The box is on display at the Verviers Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. It will be returned to the Fontaine David in the city’s Place Verte once the renovation is complete. 這個盒子正在「韋爾維耶繪畫與陶瓷博物館」展出。一旦位於該市「綠色廣場」的「大衛噴泉」整修完畢,它將回歸原處。   Next Article   Fifty meters up and two apart - Belgium’s dinner-in-the-sky relaunches 在50公尺上空相距2米:比利時高空晚餐重新開張 Belgians looking for a different culinary experience will once again be able to eat 50 metres above the ground as the dining-in-the-sky experience returns from COVID-19 lockdown with a new, socially distanced feel. 尋求不同餐飲經驗的比利時人,將再次能夠於地面50公尺上方吃東西,因為高空用餐經驗從2019冠狀病毒疾病行動限制令後,正以著一種新的社交距離感重返。 Belgium-based Dinner in the Sky, which has been set up in some 60 countries since its 2006 launch, involves diners strapped into seats at a table suspended from a crane while well-known chefs cook and serve from the centre. 2006年開張以來在將近60國設立的比利時「空中餐廳」,把用餐者和一架起重機吊著的餐桌座位繫在一起,而知名主廚們在中間烹調服務。 Their original platform sat 22 people together along the perimeter, but in the COVID-19 era, up to 32 diners will now reserve four-person private tables spaced apart. The chefs and servers also have a little more space to roam. 他們原本的平台是22人圍著坐,但在2019冠狀病毒疾病時代,多達32名用餐者現在將預約彼此間隔的4人桌。主廚和侍者也有多些空間遊走。 Dinner in the Sky offers three sittings - for lunch and two for dinner over the coming two weeks. The price is 295 euros per head or 150 euros for weekend afternoon cocktails. 「空中餐廳」提供3個入席時段—未來2週有午餐以及晚餐2個時段。價位是平均每人295歐元,或週末下午雞尾酒150歐元。 Source article: ;   每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在每週Vocab精選詞彙Podcast,就在每週In-TENSE文法練習Podcast,就在 用email訂閱就可以收到通勤學英語節目更新通知。

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