50. I sold my first online business. Here are the six mistakes I made before.

Female Entrepreneur Me 女創業家與我 | with Irene Yu
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Today's English episode is all about mistakes.   I quitted my full-time job as a Director at a startup in 2015.  Was not so sure what I wanted to do next so basically without a backup plan with a bit of saving. But I do know I want to start my own business.  I grew a community and I decided to monetize it. Fast forward till today,  I want to share my big six mistakes that you don't have to make the same mistake as I did. Do you want to know what are these 6 mistakes? Let us dive into this episode now. ▸ 索取迷你三部曲線上課程 Turn Idea Into Profit: Read the blog article here: Irene is FEM Podcast host and a Business&Mindset Coach who wants to help Female Entrepreneurs build purposeful life and business. Website: Apply for 3-6 months 1:1 Coaching: 90 Minutes 1:1 Coaching: Instagram: Youtube:

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