HTC首席去中心化長Phil Chen來逗陣:矽谷45間AR/VR新創幕後推手

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☕☕☕ 可以請一姐蝦妹喝奶茶哦: 🌴🌴Phil較熟悉以英文表達,因此這集訪談含大量英文🌴🌴 👩‍💼Phil Chen 陳信生👩‍💼 :Phil Chen is a general partner at Race Capital, a serial entrepreneur and investor. Prior, Phil was the founder of HTC Vive (leading VR headset), Exodus (world’s first crypto phone), Alex eReader (acquired by B&N), partner at Horizons Ventures and led numerous investments including Improbable (valued at $2B), Beats (acquired by Apple for $3B), Sandbox VR (valued at $400M), among others. Phil joined HTC late 2007 and shipped the world’s first Android phone and helped grow HTC from a USD$2B to USD$ 35B market cap company. Phil is a proud Taiwanese entrepreneur and received his B.A and B.S in Mathematics and Physics from UCSD and an M.Div from Fuller Seminary. He is the happy husband of Tanya and proud father of Miles, Naomi and Olive. 📍 General partner at Race Capital​​​​​ 📍 Founder of HTC Vive 📍 Founder of HTC Exodus (world’s first crypto phone) 📍 Partner at Horizons Ventures (維港投資) 📍 B.A and B.S in Mathematics and Physics from UCSD (University of California San Diego) 💫蝦妹Highlight💫 0:00 💡《一姐蝦妹談產業:好逗陣》系列 1:00 💡 從HTC到矽谷幫到連續創業家:Phil Chen 3:53 💡 Phil:如何踏入VC產業? 5:00 💡 從2007年加入賣了1.5M 手機的HTC到2012年50M手 6:00 💡 曾經覺得VR是最蠢的一件事? 8:00 💡 創立Presence Capital:首創矽谷垂直AR/VR/XR/AI領域VC 10:00 💡 投資矽谷種子輪、A輪45間新創,成功出場5間 19:00 💡 矽谷VC看台灣新創的契機? 25:00 💡 台灣上一輩ICT產業太成功導致這一輩軟體服務發展的限制? 27:00 💡 從Horizen開始認識加密貨幣,到加入HTC建立第一隻加密手機Exodus 30:00 💡 與李嘉誠基金會的理事 Solina Chau 周凱璇從開始的緣分 34:00 💡 注入國際資源推動台灣新創:Kneron耐能 37:00 💡 KKBOX :在Apple、Spotify之前提出訂閲制Business Model 👵Phil Chen👵 '' I don't know where the future holds, but try to listen to the market and learn from the smart people!'' Background infomation 1. Solina Chau 周凱璇: 香港長江實業集團、李嘉誠基金會的董事 2. Horizons Ventures 維港投資:由李嘉誠創立的持有的創業投資公司,成立於2006年,主要對科技或革新技術的創業公司投資。 3. Presence Capital Portfolio: 4. Race Capital:


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